Set environments in django

Setting up environments in django is quite easy. You need to install “django-configurations” module to add multiple environments.

pip install django-configurations

# import configurations in file

from configurations import Configuration

# create default configuration class and move default settings to this class as shown below in the images.


settings default after modifications(Move default settings to new environment class)

settings after modify


class Dev(Configuration):

You can create more environment classes like Production, staging/UAT, local as per your requirement.

New environment class (Production) will override previous environment class (Dev)

class Production(Dev):
    CURRENT_ENV_NAME = "Production"

settings new env

You can add more environment classes as shown above in the image.

New environment class (Staging/UAT) will override previous environment class (Production)

class Staging(Production):
    CURRENT_ENV_NAME = "Staging"

New environment class (Local) will override previous environment class (Staging)

class Local(Staging):
    CURRENT_ENV_NAME = "Local"

set default configuration environment in file as shown below:

os.environ.setdefault('DJANGO_CONFIGURATION', 'Dev')

comment/remove following line in 

from import execute_from_command_line

Add following line in so that django can use your configurations.

from import execute_from_command_line

# Now your file will looks like:

manage after modification

enable/change/switch environment using configuration

python runserver --configuration=Production

If no configuration name is passed in the runserver command than default environment configuration which is defined in file will be called. 

python runserver

This will call default environment “Dev”

To check current environment, you can access CURRENT_ENV_NAME variable defined in environment classes.

For example, in your file, you can print current environment.

from django.conf import settings

print("Current environment is: ", settings.CURRENT_ENV_NAME)

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