Remotely access to mySQL running on AWS

You can remotely access mysql DB running in an AWS Instance. You can access it in the terminal or in a GUI tool like mysql workbench by following these steps:

  1. Login to AWS console in your browser window.
  2. Go to EC2 -> Instances
    It will list all your instances. Click on Security group of your Instance to go to security group.
  3. Edit inbounds and make mysql Source accessible from anywhere
  4. Login to AWS using ssh
    Open mysql config file to change the bind address. You can find it in the file “/etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d”. If you didn’t find it in this file, check other config files.

    cd /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d

    Find the line looks like: bind-address =
    Change it to: bind-address =
    This allows mysql to be accessible from remote locations.

  5. Restart mysql service
    sudo service mysql restart
  6. Try to login to mysql at local machine:

    mysql -u<USER_NAME> -p -h <PUBLIC_IP>

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